22. Starting A Pilot Career At A Later Age With Doug Wolfe

Today we are going to be speaking to Doug Wolfe, who after a fulfilling career in public safety, decided to become a pilot at the age of 56. 

Not only did he not fall in the trap of “I’m too old to start flying”, which a lot of people still ask themselves. And spoiler alert, you most likely are NOT too old. He also made the bold move to buy his own airplane to flight train in. Something I wish I would’ve done when I started flight training. 

I am always happy to talk to another pilot who is pursuing this aviation journey as a new thing in life, and it is also great to have someone on the podcast who can speak to being a student right at this moment. 

Now we'd like to hear from you, let's have a conversation. At what age did you start flight training, and have you ever considered buying your own plane? Let us know in the comments.

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